Finnish ceramic studio

anna väisänen
I studied art at Imatra gratuating in 2010 and industrial design at Turku gratuating in 2014. After gratuation I build my own artist athelier. My studio/athelier is located in Finland at an old vacant Konnunsuo prison. There are no convicts in the prison anymore but back in the day the convicts used to work on the fields surrounding Konnunsuo.
In my studio I create ceramic dinnerware, tiles, vases and scented soy candles in handmade ceramic containers.

Every product is unique and colors may vary even in the same product. A ceramist never knows what comes out of the kiln.

I use stoneware clay which is durable in every day use. Except for the delicate clay used for candles shouldn’t be handled too roughly.

Handmade products bring me a lot of joy and I feel happy whenever an item I have made finds a new home with a customer. Every product is carefully crafted from the finest materials.